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Info prototype in lost wax or custom jewels:

Tg-Jewellery offers you the unique opportunity of design your own jewelry for that special occasion and to see it made from a prototype in lost wax. After that you can make any change into your own piece jewelry with the consultation of Tamara Gervasio.

This process is bringing you in a wonderful experience of seeing your own design literally come to life.

The lost wax technique allows her to create very complex and modifiable shapes with very high precision.

Before being cast and transformed into a jewel, she has the opportunity to know, through the weight of the wax prototype, the metal weight so Tg-Jewellery can develop an accurate quote for each client.

To meet the requirements of the customer, every product of the Tg-Jewellery collection, can have all the material variable such as: metal ( 925 sterling silver, 18kt/14kt/9kt yellow or white gold or bronze), enamel color, size, stone…

Each product will be evaluated according to the materials used for each customer. Any change of material required by the customer for each order must be informed by E-mail.

For any information or question about my jewellery, custom jewellery, threading  or wax prototype, contact me at the following email:

Based in Cornwall, UK.